Nevada and California

Route 66 … no need to introduce it, it is more than legendary! A true monument of American culture, it is the first channel which allowed to connect the shores of Lake Michigan from Chicago to the shore of the Pacific in Santa Monica, California.

America is founded. This vast continent, which extends to the west of the mountains, is waiting to be explored and exploited. But this land was occupied. Indians, Spanish settlers and French explorers already lived there. To the pioneers of that time as Daniel Boone, the conquest of the West is a question of courage and hardship. Some hundreds of thousands of Americans engage in it. Their journey is full of dangers, but the thirst for wealth and adventure was stronger. While some struggle to create new cities, others rush to the mines of California. Control of the Mississippi River steamboat marks the beginning of an era of expansion.

It’s the Wild West in the heart of the United States at the time of the gold rush that made poker one of the myths associated with the conquest of the West. The game of poker where players bet on who has the strongest hand is the game played by all the cowboys and adventurers who came try their luck in the American West. It is also a symbol of masculinity at the time. The films of this period often describe great games full of action. Living legends like Doyle Brunson have already reported games full of alcohol and weapons in the back room of some Texas bar. Yes this has nothing to do with other card games like Baccarat, this has been the game of gunslingers from the beginning.

If it was once practiced mainly in the form of cash games, it really took off in popularity through the series of tournaments in the famous World Series of Poker started 40 years ago, and whose early retransmission in 2000 has created part of the poker boom as we know it today. And if the cash games have since appeared on the small screen to the delight of lovers of these high stakes games, it is always the tournaments that take center stage with the retransmission of the WPT, the WSOP or the EPT. This has translated in millions of people who play poker online as their main hobby. This way it is much easier to find a game and just sit down at a virtual table whenever you feel like playing. Otherwise in the old days you had to find a game somewhere in town and they were not running at all times like now.

Psychology is important in poker, and before the mathematical analysis invaded the world of online gaming with the new generation of gamers, the best players were the ones best able to decipher their opponents and to feel fear in their adversaries. The psychological aspect is undeniable as evidenced by such books as the ones published by expert of psychology Joe Navarro, a famous former FBI agent. It is all about psychology. For example there is an entire segment of psychology related to high rollers and the VIP system. People like to be treated like there are special, different, even superior. This is why casinos love the so-called high rollers, in other words the super-wealthy, and they treat them like superstars with a lot of perks and VIP special offers, knowing that these players will always lose a lot of money.

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