Recycling Centers Have Real Electronic Specialists

Every year, a considerable amount of electrical devices are brought back to the recycling centers. More specifically it is many tons of amplifiers, dryers, toasters, televisions, etc. And it is a good thing that people over the world get more and more involved with recycling.

All of these devices are first subjected to careful visual inspection. Does the sandwich maker still have its non-stick coating? Are all the parts of the mixer still present? After this first check, the devices are then tested. Washing machines, dryers, radios and light fittings are carefully checked. In case of failure of small spare parts, these are replaced. But if the device stops working, it is sent to the recycling process for its parts. Finally around 33% of the devices are found on the shelves of some reuse center.

Reuse centers are more than just a workplace. Reuse centers offer jobs to those who are not always lucky in the traditional job market. It offers them a tailor-made job, but also the opportunity to gain professional experience. Income, social contacts, talent development and learning technical, social and linguistic skills are all elements that help employees reintegrate the job market.

Electrical appliance tester

In the electronic department, diversity is an asset, both in terms of the work carried out and among the employees. Controlling computers, fridges or light fittings requires technical knowledge. Employees generally specialize in a type of device that is familiar to them or for which they have solid knowledge. Thanks to quality monitoring and supervision, they evolve in an environment that gives pride of place to developments, which allows them to continue to train.

The majority of employees have electromechanical knowledge. Take the example of Johnny. Originally from Albania, he holds a degree in electromechanics. Often, the diplomas awarded abroad have no equivalent in our country. In addition to the language barrier, this can make it more difficult to find a job. Here, Johnny can use his skills by testing the fittings, for example.

Second hand electronics

All devices are welcome at recycling centers, even those that no longer work. Some come in bulk like the ones brought via Cincinnati dumpsters. The reuse centers are an official collection of partners. Do not hesitate to drop off your small and large household appliances, media devices and other light fittings in the store nearest to you. If a cable is connected to it or a battery is still present, you can bring it back.

A new television?

By the way, did you know that the sale of new televisions increased considerably during the World Cup? In many salons, the new television often gives way to a newer and more efficient replacement which allows you to make the most of the competition.

During the World Cup, you too can score points! Take your old electronic device to a recycling park or to a reuse center near you. The latter will certainly make someone happy again. And if your old device is broken, we take care of giving it a second life.

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