Pixar’s and Disney together released some wonderful movies for everyone to watch irrespective of their ages. ‘Cars’ was yet another blockbuster from their side featuring extravagant characters who are none other than anthropomorphic cars. The movie was another victory for the duo as it had mixed elements including the emotional rage, the vibrant acts, humor, love, sentiments and the fun filled and thrilling trip down the lane. The first rate sound recordings and casts along with the mysterious graphic design makes it a must watch and unique movie from other animated series that was released during the same season.

The rookie, Lightening McQueen plays the lead role in the movie voiced by Owen Wilson. The story starts off with the stardom this racing sensation receives with his truck Mack, on his road to success having the least time to find friends and spend time with them. On his way to the next race course, Lightening is help up by the Sheriff in Radiator Spring, a small tiny little town on the legendary Route 66.

The limelight is thrown onto this small part of Route 66 for the rest of the story where Lightening is asked to work on the road that he messed up after which he can be free. The life in Radiator Springs moves a little slow but in a very interesting way where he finds his love the pretty Porsche, Sally and his best friend the Tow Truck, Mater.
The rookie also finds the place pretty different and peaceful than his fast paced one and meets a couple of other friends including Doc Hudson, three times Piston Cup holder, Ramon, the body shop owner, Luigi and Guido, the Italian tire experts and Fillmore, the organic fuel connoisseur.

Throughout the storyline, the scenes are so addictive that none will ever blink an eye off. With the land of cars, the talking ones on the screen they are seen to be eating food, having jobs, driving themselves, hosting and anchoring TV shows, running gas stations, café and lot more. The entire tale brings alive those memories when people used to pack their bags with family and kids to tour around America through road spending time with friends in a peaceful place enjoying every single stop. The nostalgic appeal this movie brings about does not have any such silly scenes like those of the recently released one with plenty of animals and a lot of mess. Each and every single shot is taken with perfection that every character seems to be pretty lively on the screen.

Cars has everything like a complete package having those slight little humorous moments with tractor tipping and the little beetle cars flirting around with Lightening. The enthusiastic racing sequences are a must watch apart from the sensational and feet tapping soundtracks.

The movie ‘Cars’ seems to be just perfect from the very beginning till the end. It is not just the one for racing enthusiast but a movie without boredom for anyone of any age group.

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Route 66 starts from Chicago

How Chicago Is Evolving

Chicago is one of the busiest and largest cities in the United States, and for good reason. Nearly 3 million people currently reside here, with many more than that (9.7 million) in the city at any given time thanks to tourism, business and recreation. Thanks to its location on the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago offers unmet entertainment, cultural, shopping and recreation events for locals and tourists alike. The many luxury hotels dotting the city and its wonderful skyline, along with the Chicago river, give visitors all sorts of things to do to ensure a vacation of your lifetime, or even a great night out on the town.

A Brief History Of Chicago

Perhaps one of the most intriguing and controversial times in Chicago is the city’s storied gangland reputation. Since the 1920’s, Chicago has been world renowned for the role it played during the prohibition decade. This has been helped by various Hollywood movies glamorizing this controversial time in Chicago, such as ‘The Untouchables’. Al Capone single handedly changed the face of Chicago as he pretty much made the city his own playground. Known for his relentlessness and slipperiness, he always seemed to be one step ahead of the law.

Other than the city’s storied gangland reputation, there is even more tragedy that took place just a few decades before. The Great Chicago Fire of 1893 claimed almost 300 lives, destroyed more than 2,000 acres, 17,000 buildings, 73 miles of road and left 90,000 homeless. The city also suffered $222,000 in damages, which was astronomically high in 1893. What’s worse is that this isn’t even the most tragic fire the city has endured. In December of 1903, the Iroquois Theater burned to the ground and left more than 600 deaths. This is, to this day, the single most deadly building fire in American history.

You would think with such a controversial and tragic past, that Chicago would be suffering to this day to overcome the many adversities it has been faced with. But the city is incredibly resilient and has continually rebuilt itself, becoming an economic powerhouse today. Because of its prime location, Chicago is a perfect place for business meetings, family vacations or even a short get away. The city has a thriving culture and is rich with art and entertainment. Regardless of how hustling the city may seem, there will always be something to do and somewhere to be.

The Windy City (Chicago) has a very healthy economy and is well balanced. There is no one industry that dominates the local economy, rather than a majority of industries and businesses that have a hand in creating an even more promising future for the city. Chicago is the third largest metropolitan in the United States, with the second largest business district, which has banks, financial institutions and future exchanges, to brokerage firms and insurance companies.

The fact of the matter is, the future of Chicago is even brighter than one can imagine, and one that is continually changing for the best and is always making itself an industry leader.

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Nevada and California

Route 66 … no need to introduce it, it is more than legendary! A true monument of American culture, it is the first channel which allowed to connect the shores of Lake Michigan from Chicago to the shore of the Pacific in Santa Monica, California.

America is founded. This vast continent, which extends to the west of the mountains, is waiting to be explored and exploited. But this land was occupied. Indians, Spanish settlers and French explorers already lived there. To the pioneers of that time as Daniel Boone, the conquest of the West is a question of courage and hardship. Some hundreds of thousands of Americans engage in it. Their journey is full of dangers, but the thirst for wealth and adventure was stronger. While some struggle to create new cities, others rush to the mines of California. Control of the Mississippi River steamboat marks the beginning of an era of expansion.

It’s the Wild West in the heart of the United States at the time of the gold rush that made poker one of the myths associated with the conquest of the West. The game of poker where players bet on who has the strongest hand is the game played by all the cowboys and adventurers who came try their luck in the American West. It is also a symbol of masculinity at the time. The films of this period often describe great games full of action. Living legends like Doyle Brunson have already reported games full of alcohol and weapons in the back room of some Texas bar. Yes this has nothing to do with other card games like Baccarat, this has been the game of gunslingers from the beginning.

If it was once practiced mainly in the form of cash games, it really took off in popularity through the series of tournaments in the famous World Series of Poker started 40 years ago, and whose early retransmission in 2000 has created part of the poker boom as we know it today. And if the cash games have since appeared on the small screen to the delight of lovers of these high stakes games, it is always the tournaments that take center stage with the retransmission of the WPT, the WSOP or the EPT. This has translated in millions of people who play poker online as their main hobby. This way it is much easier to find a game and just sit down at a virtual table whenever you feel like playing. Otherwise in the old days you had to find a game somewhere in town and they were not running at all times like now.

Psychology is important in poker, and before the mathematical analysis invaded the world of online gaming with the new generation of gamers, the best players were the ones best able to decipher their opponents and to feel fear in their adversaries. The psychological aspect is undeniable as evidenced by such books as the ones published by expert of psychology Joe Navarro, a famous former FBI agent. It is all about psychology. For example there is an entire segment of psychology related to high rollers and the VIP system. People like to be treated like there are special, different, even superior. This is why casinos love the so-called high rollers, in other words the super-wealthy, and they treat them like superstars with a lot of perks and VIP special offers, knowing that these players will always lose a lot of money.

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